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  • I have difficulty communicating and I think a speech device would be beneficial. What is the process?
    First, find a speech language pathologist (SLP) in your area that specializes in augmentative alternative communication (AAC). Your doctor will be able to help and you can also contact us directly and we can help. Second, your SLP will contact the AAC Consultant and set up an evaluation to trial different speech devices and software options to determine which one best fits your communication needs. Third, your SLP will write a report to recommend the speech device and software, gain insurance information, write a letter of medical necessity, and submit everything to us so we can request funding from your insurance company for your speech device. Once funding is approved the device will be hand delivered to you by the AAC Consultant and he/she will help get you started with communicating through technology.
  • Are the speech devices just for children who have difficulty communicating?
    No absolutely not. Our speech devices have a wide range of software options for any user of any ability and any communication need. There is research to support benefits of using speech devices with infants and toddlers as well assaults with acquired disabilities.
  • Are the speech devices customizable?
    Yes absolutely. Your SLP can make recommendations along with the AAC Consultant about ways to personalize your device. When the device comes to you, specific requests can already be programmed. We also offer many accessories that are included with the device purchase along with customizable accessories available.
  • Can my speech device be mounted to my wheelchair?
    Yes. We offer many custom mounts for both the Nuvo speech device or the Inspire speech device.
  • Can I add another software to my speech device?
    Absolutely. We offer a discounted price on an additional software on the Nuvo speech device. The Inspire speech device is only compatible with Grid 3 software.
  • Will your speech devices work for someone who has a visual impairment?
    Yes both the Nuvo or the Inspire will perform auditory scanning in order for someone to select an icon.
  • Will your speech devices work for someone with severe physical limitations unable to use direct selection?
    Yes. Both the Nuvo speech device and the Inspire speech device will allow multiple access methods through switches and the Inspire has eye gaze capability.
  • What happens if my case or speech devices gets broken?
    Contact your AAC Consultant or our customer service and we will provide information on the next steps to get this fixed for you as soon as possible.
  • I have difficulty touching the correct button on a screen. Are there any other options for me to still use a speech device?
    Yes absolutely. We have custom keyguards to assist in preventing mis-hits as well as a wide variety of switch options that can control your device and allow you to select the icon you choose.
  • What comes with a device purchase?
    With the Nuvo speech device it is your choice of a light weight case or a heavy duty case, and with both Nuvo or Inspire comes a portable external speaker, stylus, lanyard, carrying case, carrying strap for the device, a car charger, and a wall charger. (see the accessories page for pictures)
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